Diabetic Profile

Product Description Method CAT. NO. Sizeml   Suitable Analyzers
GLU Glucose GOD-PAP Method GL7246 6×50   HITACHI7020
GL7546 6×100   HITACHI7060
GL7746 8×60   HITACHI7170
Hexokinase GL9720 R1 9×67 R2 9×17 HITACHI7170
HbA1c Glycosylated Hemoglobin Latex Enhanced Immunoturbidimetric HA8210 R1 2×45 R2 2×15 HITACHI7170
Haemolysin 1×250    
FMN Fructosamine NBT Method FM8258 4×50   HITACHI7170
1) Hitachi7170 reagent packs are suitable for Hitachi7170/7180/7600 P MODULAR and Beckman AU480/680/5800
2) Dedicated packs refers to dedicated non barcoded bottles that fit directly onto the analyzers
3) Applications for automated analysers are available on request
4) Full range of QC and Calibrators available
5) Multiple analyser applications available upon request